Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The hardest part about MOVING to a foreign country is leaving family and friends....and the hardest part about LEAVING a foreign country is leaving family and friends! I have absolutely loved living in Taiwan, and I am so sad to leave, but I am very excited about the adventures that ly ahead. For those of you who know, I'm not much of a 'crier,' but these past couple days, I've been a running faucet. I am so sad to leave my kids. They are so fun, and I love them so much! They've been showering me with little notes and gifts--I am so thankful for them. Everyone I've met here in Taiwan has been great, and has influenced my life for the better.

Well, enough of that sappy stuff! I would post pics, but I'm getting on a shuttle to Taipei in 15 minutes, from which I will fly to Singapore and begin my travels throughout SE Asia....I probably won't be blogging for awhile, but wish me luck....and I'll be back in the U.S. of A. on February 4th. I hope to see you all!

Hugs, Loves, and Kisses. T

Sunday, December 27, 2009



Chapter 27 Pics MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Tuesday, December 22nd

Me, Hanna, Sarah, and Sammy went to my student, Samuel's, Chinese School today to give the kids a Christmas Party. It hasn't felt much like Christmas around these parts without family and such, so bringing these kids a little Christmas cheer really got me into the spirit! We played games, had a magic show, read a Christmas story, sang carols, and had a visit from Santa.

Samuel and Teacher Tanier...I'll miss this little bugger...he's the one who lived in England for quite some time, and likes to say 'trousers' and 'mum'...

Of course none of the kids spoke English, but they sure were cute. This is my new friend....she was giggling and smiling throughout the whole party.

Reading The Polar Express...My favorite Christmas story, and a tradition to the Glauser family on Christmas Eve! Again, these kids had no idea what I was saying, but I kept some of their attention until the end.

A visit from Santa Claus...HO HO HO....MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Samuel's Chinese class.

Wednesday, December 23rd
Picture time with my students!

My 7A class--you can tell they were really happy to take this picture!

My 2A's...I'm gonna miss these little rascals...

SPE group shot!

Annie and Annie (2A)...I remember on the first week of class she wrote in her journal that she was the most beautiful girl in class. Well, she is pretty darn cute...and funny too! We've already exchanged emails!

Friday, December 24th MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!

What better way then to spend Christmas Eve at McDonald's!!! We took our Super Students to dinner tonight. Although Christmas Eve means nothing to them, it was fun to be with the kids tonight!

Hank's family. His sister, Sunny, is just adorable!

Me and New Jimmy...I just wanted ONE good picture, but all he wanted to do was play Kung Fu...better luck next time!

Friday, December 25th MERRY CHRISTMAS!

My first Christmas away from home! I can't believe it! Thank goodness for video cams and skype! I was able to talk to my family, and I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. I forgot how funny they all are. I loved being in the background listening to everyone--it was as if I were watching 'Christmas Vacation' Glauser style. There was so much comotion...everyone was jabbering at the same time about this and that...and then there was me, making faces in the cam to see if anyone was watching...haha! What a good time. I can't wait to see everyone in February!

The BEST family ever! Glauser Christmas 2008 {Last year's Christmas Pictures. Not pictured: Jaime Glauser, Krista Wilson, and Gideon Barlow}
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Santa's Elve's and one little helper {Sara snuck in the picture...what a cutiepatutie}

Tasty Tasty! Christmas Dinner with the teachers and secretaries! Best $15 I've ever spent {this seven course meal is to die for...especially the chocolate bag}

Saturday, December 26th

I spent the day packing up all my junk! I can't believe everything fits. That little green backpack, and only that little green backpack, is going to be my companion for my 35-day backpacking trip. Wahoo....

Dinner at Max and Viv's with Julia. I'm gonna miss this girl!

Sunday, December 27th
I had to say goodbye to the WuChuan 2nd Branch today...this branch has been my second family and I'm thankful for all their love! Here are some of the peeps I had to say goodbye to today:

Our little Relief Society...Ber Han {Maryland's sister school} is done teaching, so those few sisters have already left Taiwan.

Elna and her beautiful girls...

Branch President and his family--The Baclayons. President, Melissa, Emily, and Bradley.

Me and Bush--coolest dude around!

Angela, me, Jenae, and Kevin.

Elder and Sister Greene

Manti and the girls!


Monday, December 21st

Life as a PE teacher—someone is always crying, complaining, or hurt. Nothing is ever fair, and someone will always lose. The truth is, life isn’t fair, but try telling that to a bunch of seven-year-olds. Well, back to the crying…there we were, playing Freeze Tag…all the kids were running around having fun, then Candy slipped and fell. Her fall wasn’t all that bad, because Kerry broke it, ha. She fell right on top of Kerry, who then hit the ground upon impact. He went face first to the hard, wood floor. I quickly ran over to him, he began to sob…I went through my usual prompts, You’re okay, you’re a big boy…show me your muscles…oh, look how strong you are… Haha, then Tim came over to console him—of all people, Tim is the worst at being tough…he’s always crying. Ironic? Nonetheless, Tim was so cute. He said, “It’s okay Kerry, I’ve hit my head 100 times in this gym.” Chuckling to myself, I responded to Tim’s remark, “…and you’re okay, aren’t you Tim?” “Yup!” he replied. Kerry let out a few whimpers and the game went on. Less than a minute later Tim fell down and hit his head…he started to get teary eyed, “Oh Teacher!” He exclaimed….I just looked at him, “Well Tim, now you’re at 101!” Haha, he began to laugh and shook off his owie like a champ!

Tuesday, December 22nd

Because most of us teachers don’t have to teach a class until about 5:00 pm on Tuesdays, we went to my student, Samuel’s, Chinese School to help throw a Christmas Party. We had so much fun…we played games, Sammy gave a good magic show, and Santa even came by to hand out some Christmas presents. Let’s see…we taught the kids the Hokey Pokey, ‘Santa’ Says, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, and Musical Teacher (our own rendition of Musical Chairs). After the games, I read one of my favorite Christmas books to the children, The Polar Express; after which, we sang Christmas songs to see if we could get Santa to make an appearance. It was so fun to see the kids get so excited. They hardly spoke any English, but their body language said it all.

Wednesday, December 23rd

I went to the Dentist this morning….US$3.00 Can you believe it, just $3 bucks!!!! This is a first, so I just have to make this announcement: I HAVE NO CAVITITES! …amazing what a little dental floss can do, ha!

The Ko’s brought me a Christmas gift today. They are too sweet. They gave me a card, some guavas (which taste great when actually ripe), and….you guessed it, more Chicken feet!!! I can’t bring myself to eat them again. I can actually see the claws on these feet they brought, YUCK! Frank thinks he’s so funny bringing me some toes to nibble on. Once I get a good picture, the feet have got to go!

Thursday, December 24th MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!

My 2A’s have been reviewing for their final all week….today we were going over lots of grammar. When we came to our chapter on making singular nouns plural, I asked the kids how to make a noun plural that ENDS with the letters, ‘sh’. Well, Hank obviously misunderstood me, thinking I asked what words START with the letters ‘sh’…all of the sudden, he shouts, “SHIT!” Oh my goodness, “Hank, shut your mouth, you cannot say that…” He just began laughing, then all the other kids chimed in, “What did he say, what did he say!” I tried to divert them from the subject, too late:
Samuel: “What did Hank say? Did he say S-H-I-F-T?”
Annie: “No,” he said, “S-H-I-T!”
Samuel: “What?”
Kyle: “Hank said SHIT!”
Whole Class: Gasp.
Keep in mind, this whole conversation happened in about a 15 second span, it was so funny. The things these kids learn—I just don’t know where they get it.

Wow, Christmas Eve already, I can’t believe it! For the night, we took the super students to McDonald’s one last time. I didn’t think I’d get another chance, but I’m glad I did because Hank and Kyle were able to come, which means Hank’s sister, Sunny, was able to come; she is a doll. So, while we were eating our chicken nuggets and fries, I made the comment that I didn’t have enough ketchup. Viggy, my old student, leaned into me and gave me her ketchup…a few seconds later, Kyle showed up with some of his ketchup, then Jimmy, then Alex….the ketchup just kept coming. I’m still not sure how everyone found out that Teacher Tanier needed some Ketchup, but by the end of the night, I was up to 12 packets.

Friday, December 25th

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Today was my first Christmas away from home. Christmas in Taiwan didn’t feel much like Christmas without the Christmas music, Christmas dinner, family, snow (sometimes), toys, and fun…but it was still a good time. I was able to talk to my family via skype—that was great! Jaime and Buck were there with ma and pa opening up presents on the bed. Haha, everyone was so funny…I couldn’t stop laughing. I felt as though I was right there with them. I can’t wait to see them in a month! Wahoo!

I went into work early to wrap some gifts for my students, the secretaries, and teachers. I was up in my classroom when Penny (our cute, little secretary) so gingerly walked in. She was cleaning and doing her thing when she saw all my gifts scattered about my desk. She asked with her little English, ”What for?” I told her they were Christmas gifts…she then went on and asked, “You, why go home?” I told her I wanted to stay, but my contract was up…her last words, “I LOVE YOU.” I almost got teary eyed for a moment. It’s amazing how close you can feel to someone when you can’t even speak to them. Penny is one of the cutest little Asian’s I know. She is always smiling and just so happy. I have loved working with Penny and Emily and I will miss them greatly. I hope they know how great they are; seriously, whenever us teachers need anything, with the drop of a hat, Em and Pen Pen are at our beck and call. You don’t get that kind of service in America. I love them!

Christmas in Taiwan! To make Christmas feel a little more like Christmas, all of us teachers and secretaries went out to dinner. We didn’t go to any old place—we went to ‘THE TASTY’, and boy is that seven course meal tasty, especially when it’s just US$15 for such an extravagant meal. It was so fun to go out to dinner for one last time with Em and Pen Pen….they are the BEST!

Saturday, December 26th

My last Saturday in Taiwan…IT’S HERE! I spent the day packing and journaling/blogging. I told myself I would journal once a week while I was here in Taiwan. I’m not that good at keeping any of my goals, but this one, I really tried to do…although it’s been hard to do, I’ve been successful so far. Because this next week is going to be crazy, I may have to do to a little pre-show of what’s goin’ down.

I can’t believe I got myself all packed! For the most part, I am all ready for my 35 day backpacking trip! WAHOO…I’m getting so excited. Tyson left for Hong Kong on the 24th and arrived there today. I will meet him in Singapore next week. Buck will leave on the 31st of December and I’ll meet him in Singapore as well. I have all my stuff crammed into a little backpack that my roomie Sammy is so kindly letting me borrow. I actually have a little extra room. I can’t believe how light I’m packing—I didn’t know it was possible. I guess living in Taiwan made me realize that I don’t really need all those materialistic things such as a brush, blow-dryer, flat iron, jewelry, make-up, etc, etc. Ok, Ok, maybe a brush is needed, but a pick will have to do for my trip.

After packing, us girls went to Max and Vivian’s with our friend, Julia. I’m so glad I was able to see Julia before leaving; it was also fun to go say goodbye to the boys at Viv’s. Julia is so nice. She made all of us girls shadow boxes. She copied our pictures from Facebook and pasted them on a mat that was cut out like a box. She then wrote letters to each of us. She is so thoughtful!

Sunday, December 27th

Goodbye to the WuChuan 2nd Branch. Today was my last day at church in the English Branch. Ber Han (Maryland’s sister school) got done teaching last week, so none of those teachers were at church to say goodbye to (they’re all traveling, or home now), but I did get goodbyes with some of my good friends: Bush, Jenae, Elna, Yvonne, Elder and Sister Greene, President Baclayon and his family, Angela…the list goes on. I am so thankful for my ward family here in Taiwan. I don’t know what I’d do without them!

Chapter 26 Pictures

The spirit of Christmas!
Our little SPE's love to play 'Down by the Banks' teachers were feeling a little generous, so we let the kids have some fun!

Me and my lover boy, new Jimmy...this whole week, Jimmy has brought all the teachers random little nic-nacs--we've gotten safety pins, dinosaur cards, candy, shirt pins, pogs, etc. It's almost as if we're playing the 12 Days of Christmas. I absolutely adore this boy.

Alright, so I love him, and he loves Flora...what's new? The new, happy couple. According to our source (Emily), Jimmy and Mimi were never dating...Mimi just thought of Jimmy as a friend, so he's moved onto the next best thing, Flora. Ha. Jimmy's playing the 12 Days of Christmas with her too. Everyday he brings something new!

Friday, December 20th

You see this girl...she is my best friend, sister, and cousin. I love her so much! She's been serving the Lord for the past 18 months in the DC South mission. I was living in Alabama when she left and now I'm living in Taiwan, where I'll be when she gets home. Yes, Keesh is coming home today!


Dinner with the Ko's--one of my favorite families. The Ko's promised me a dumpling party before I left, so tonight was the night. We had a fun time cooking, eating, and chatting. I will miss this family. They are amazing, and they have done so much for me!
Ladies Hour--Helen and I preparing dinner....Frank taking pictures!

Helen teaching me her ways...she's a great cook!

We had a wonderful meal...dumplings (my favorite), rolls, fruit, peanuts, cashews, and then....half-way through our meal, Frank pulled out these....

I couldn't back down from the challenge. Yup, I'm really eating it...not too bad, just a bit chewey, and yes, very boney. I think I had a couple tendons too!

Martin and JoAnna...They are always trying to talk to me about boys and kissing...haha. I will miss them so much.

Helen and Frank...always wining and dinning me....what a great family!

Saturday, December 19th

It's my mom's birthday today! year older and as babelicious as ever. Alright, this pic is a few years old, but she still looks GREAT! Happy Birthday MOM....I LOVE YOU! Thanks for being my BEST FRIEND--you always listen to me when I need to vent, and you always give me the advice and the support I need. Whenever I need a laugh, I can always call you! Thanks mamasita! As the Asian's would say, HAPPY TOGETHER.

Over the course of my time in Taiwan, I've traveled just about everywhere, but because of costs and time, I wasn't going to be able to make it to Hualien and Taroko Gorge (the Grand Canyon of Taiwan)...after two minutes of contemplation, us girls thought, 'what the heck, when will we be in Taiwan again...,' so spur of the moment, we packed up and took a train to Hualien. Emily came with us; she is so fun to travel with. She is always so organized and planned out, so we don't have to worry about a thing...I would trust her with my life! The trip was short, but loads of fun! Only damper....Tabbi wasn't able to come--she ran the marathon in Taipei...Good Job Tip!

We got on the train at 6:12 am and arrived in Hualien at 11:30. We checked into our homestay, rented some scooters, and were off to tour the town.
Trying to sleep on the was freezing cold and uncomfortable.

Good thing Hanna and I brought our neck pillows...these were the only things that saved us on our four-hour trek.

Scootin' around!

We found ourselves at an old Japanese government building that has now been turned into an Art Museum...
Outside the Art Museum!

A coastal view of Hualien from the museum--beautiful!

These cut-outs were everywhere at the art museum...we had fun playin' around with them...if only you were there...




Next stop, the beach! It was freezing!

Night market for a little dinner. After visiting three night markets, we finally found one that had the famous French toast...stuffed with your choice of sweet and sour chicken, peppered beef, or seafood salad. As yummy as it sounded, I went with the tuna crepe (a safe bet)

Our homestay. We had the whole house to ourselves...absolutley wonderful. This is Hanna and Sarah enjoying our nice, SOFT beds! A feeling of home...two seconds later the floor started rumbling, the lights started shaking, and the door started swinging...EARTHQUAKE....Hualien was the epicenter, a 6.8 on the Richter scale. Luckily we weren't out and about riding our scooters. Longest 30 seconds of my life...kinda crazy, but oh so fun!

Sunday, December 20th

Taroko Gorge!

It was so cold that we decided to layer up with everything that we brought for the weekend. Hanna and Sarah putting on their layers.

Oh man, Just the other week I was wearing shorts and a I'm wearing double layers....Taroko Gorge was freezing. I always thought it was funny when my students would wear their pajamas underneath their clothes, haha....look at me now. Gotta love those p.j.'s ridin' up!

Hanna and I, AKA...Mary and the bank robber....kidnapper and the thief...we had to bundle up if we were going to ride scooters through the gorge.

Emily, Sarah, and me.

Sweet shot...we couldn't get too close because everything was shut down because of the earthquake the night and debris scattered the ground.

Em and I walking toward the giant pagoda

Sarah and I climbed to the very top!

Suspension bridge...Hanna, me, and Sarah...Em took the picture (she couldn't muster up the courage to walk out too far on the bridge) was a long way down!


My 'must-take' photo...I've gotten everyone else into the jumping style pics too!

What a great weekend! I love the EAST SIDE!